Explore your potential in body and mind

Experience the Feldenkrais Method yourself

Feldenkrais is experiential learning so the best way to understand the method is to try it out. You'll be surprised how different you'll feel in a short amount of time by doing these small, mindful movements.


Lesson on the Feet

Done in sitting, this lesson wakes up the feet and ankles and improves upright posture. It's intense but very effective.

Lesson on the Facial Muscles

Done in lying or sitting, this lesson explores the relationship between our facial muscles and our state of mind. A great way to lighten the mood.

Lesson on the Forearm & Hand

Done in sitting with your elbow propped on books (so that the elbow is approximately at the shoulder level) or lying on your back. This lesson is great for people with elbow, wrist or hand tightness or pain (carpal tunnel, RSI, tennis elbow etc...)

Sit better in 5 minutes