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The Feldenkrais Method uses slow and precise movements to release tension and stress, improve co-ordination and self-awareness and bring us back to our natural harmonious way of functioning. Clients report feeling enlivened yet relaxed, light yet grounded and leave with a new appreciation for what is possible, both in body and in mind.


David Sullivan

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David learned the Feldenkrais Method in Australia and Germany after the Feldenkrais Method alleviated his own chronic back pain. He Is a past president of the NZ Feldenkrais Guild and a certified Feldenkrais Assistant Trainer. David's practice involves one-on-one sessions which deal with each individual's unique way of functioning, rather than a list of symptoms. His clients range from professional musicians, sportspeople, to stroke and cerebral palsy sufferers. Generally though, people come to alleviate some sort of pain.

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